About Roll For It


Roll for It is a fast paced, bite-sized Dungeons and Dragons podcast that highlights the best parts of the game in easily digestible 40 minute episodes. 


Each episode the cast rolls a d100 to determine which of the 100 monsters on our list the party will encounter. The randomized selection adds an element of improv that keeps even our DM on his toes. The characters level up every episode to give listeners a taste of each tier of game play.


Roll For It focuses on storytelling and goofy, endearing characters, which makes it a great intro for those new to role playing games and expert players alike. The consistent humor and full character arcs make it accessible even beyond the D&D niche.

Each season boasts an all new cast and adventure with female leads at the center.

Season Loglines


Season One:
Elvish Princess Vaelette flees her own wedding just minutes before her castle vanishes in a magical explosion. After learning that the castle has been transported away, she teams up with her Dragonborn bodyguard and a naive halfling bard to find home... wherever it landed. They journey through the mystical Feywild and beyond, encountering bizarre and dangerous creatures along the way.

Season Two:
A bustling, magical, coastal hub like Yurid City is always looking for adventurers to protect its citizens from the chaos. Zula, an ambitious half-orc fighter hopes to follow in the footsteps of her world-famous adventuring step-dad by signing up with the Guild of Guardians. She is excited for her first day until she meets her randomly assigned partners; newcomer githzerai monk, Heirak, and a kindhearted tortle cleric named Gram Gram. The trio are nobodies among hundreds of adventurers,  but the tables can turn quickly in the big city.

The Team


Producer/Writer Duo

Couple duo Jake Toarmina and Kelsey Sante write, produce, and edit Roll For It from their apartment in North Hollywood. Their terrier Lucy acts as an overall consultant and professional dog. 

Season One Voice Cast

Princess Vaelette - Mary-Kate Arnold

Mumps - Kyle Quinlivan

Havalar - Amy E Powell

Dungeon Master- Jake Toarmina

s1 cast bios


Season Two Voice Cast

Zula - Kendelle Lyn

Gram Gram - Colleen Kelly

Heirak - Andrew Orozco

Dungeon Master - Jake Toarmina

s2 cast bios

Why We Make the Show

"When bad news is on every outlet and screen, role playing games are an escape. Letting your imagination take you out of quarantine and into a land of fantastic beasts isn't only fun, it's great for your mental health. 


That being said, dungeons and dragons is complicated! There are numbers and figures and textbooks. Often d&d podcasts are rewarding to a niche community but are HUGE commitments to anyone who isn't quite sure what they're getting into. Weekly episodes are 3-5 hours long, so falling a couple weeks behind can be daunting.


We want to make the feel-good, inclusive d&d community accessible to everyone who could use a little magic in their life by letting the story and characters be the focus rather than the minutia of game play. We erase the tangents, side chatter,  and rule debates from the final cut so listeners on a schedule only get the best parts of our game."

-Kelsey Sante & Jacob Toarmina, Producers


Art by Mandy Mann @manday25

Podcast Details


Website: rollforitpod.com

Email: contact20sides@gmail.com



The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify. Episodes are also released on Youtube, with captions.



Season 3 of Roll For It airs in December. Bonus content can be accessed on Youtube


Listeners can support the pod on Patreon.

instagram: @rollforitpod

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rollforitpod/

Preview Clips

Season 2 | Clip 1

Season 2 | Clip 1
Season 2 | Clip 2


Season 2 | Clip 2


"It was fun to immerse myself in the world they created, and laugh along with the antics of the characters... with all of the episodes clocking in at less than an hour, it’s a very binge-able podcast."

-Geek Girl Pen Pals