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Season 1

Princess Vaelette is having a rough day.

Elvish Princess Vaelette flees her own wedding just minutes before her castle vanishes in a magical explosion.


After learning that the castle has been transported away, she teams up with her Dragonborn bodyguard and a naive halfling bard to find home... wherever it landed. They journey through the mystical Feywild and beyond, encountering bizarre and dangerous creatures along the way.

Heiress to the famous Castle Viajara. A high-elf wild magic sorcerer (that part is a secret) who was kept within the castle walls with not much else but adventure books to keep her company. Her adventure truly begins on the day of her arranged wedding with Avaron Balonstar, another young noble.

Mary-Kate is an actress in Chicago. She's an ensemble member at Otherworld Theatre Company and its immersive LARP division Moonrise Games.

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Princess Vaelette
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A silver dragonborn and royal guard at Castle Viajara. Personally responsible for Vaelette's safety. She was rescued from a childhood of arena warfare by Vaelette's parents and brought to the Feywild. Rigorous training molded her into a great fighter, but her true power shows when she accesses her barbarian rage.


Amy is an actress and filmmaker. She works with Chicago's Organic Theatre Company, and production company Sundog Studios as she directs her upcoming series Bare Naked Truths.

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A very young, very talented, very dumb musician. He sets off from his small forest town in the Feywild in search of adventure and inspiration. He soon landed an apprenticeship at Castle Viajara under a master who was all about theory. When Mumps meets his new friends Hava and Vaelette, he finds that he learns better from practice.


Kyle is an actor in Chicago with recent credits from Theatre at the Center and Oil Lamp Theatre. He loves D&D and his chihuahua Jane.

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Dungeon Master

Puts everybody else into horrible situations and watches them goof their way through it. He  presents the party with a continuously adapting storyline that holds up (he hopes) even with the randomness of each episode's chosen monsters.


Outside of D&D, Jake is a film and television writer and filmmaker. He lives in Los Angeles and always seems to be working on something creative.