Season 2

Yurid City is now hiring qualified adventurers.

A bustling, magical, coastal hub like Yurid City is always looking for adventurers to protect its citizens from the chaos.

Zula, an ambitious half-orc fighter hopes to follow in the footsteps of her world-famous adventuring step-dad by signing up with the Guild of Guardians. She is excited for her first day until she meets her randomly assigned partners; newcomer githzerai monk, Heirak, and a kindhearted tortle cleric named Gram Gram. The trio are nobodies among hundreds of adventurers,  but the tables can turn quickly in the big city.

A tortle cleric of the nature goddess Eldathe. Graloola (a.k.a. Gram Gram) has traveled the world basket weaving, cooking, crocheting, and using healing magic on anyone in need. She now has a cozy life running a small sweater shop with her tortle friend Grokky. When Eldathe gives her a mission to heal her suffering city from within, she might have to dust off her old adventure hat.


Colleen (a.k.a. Weenie) is an actor in LA. Much like Gram Gram, she loves baking, photography, and crafting. Check out her Etsy store where she sells custom embroideries.

Gram Gram

As the only half-orc in her orc village, Zula was teased for being small. That was until she learned to fight from Ollik, one of the world's most famous adventurers (who happens to be dating Zula's mom). Now she's ready to take on the big city with her transformable battleaxe to become the world's next great adventurer!


Kendelle is a performer, a Twitch streamer, and a co-host on a gaming news podcast. She loves playing big strong fighter-types in D&D because she is barely hitting 5'1" irl. 


Heirak was just a young Githzerai when his city was torn apart by violence and injustice. He lost his parents in the chaos. While searching for them, he was guided away to safety and adopted by a secret underground monastery. Heirak trained with the monks for years before he was able to turn his grief into positive energy. Now he is ready to fight the good fight back on the surface.


Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist in LA and the drummer for rock band The Deaf Pilots (among others). He's the creator of Tomorrowman Podcast and writes his own music as Tomorrowman.

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Dungeon Master

Puts everybody else into horrible situations and watches them goof their way through it. Jake presents the party with a continuously adapting storyline that holds up (he hopes) even with the randomness of each episode's chosen monsters.


Outside of D&D, Jake is a film and television writer and filmmaker. He lives in Los Angeles and always seems to be working on something creative.