Season 3

Mo is hungover.

After a long night of partying Mo, the tabaxi rogue, wakes up on a pirate ship she's never seen before. The real kicker? She's accidentally become its captain.

Determined to get back to her hammock on the beach, she enlists the help of a couple stowaways; Kanar, a moon elf ranger in search of adventure, and Euphoria, a mysterious articficer tiefling running from a dark past. The only thing between the trio and a pina colada? The dangers of the seven seas.

Euphoria is a tiefling artificer of scandalous noble birth. Blamed for her demon mother's sins, she learned the world's cruelty at a young age. A benevolent king rescued her and taught her to be kind. With the kings assassination, she's torn between the kindness he preached and vengeance for his death.


Lexi has been cosplaying since 2017 with her faithful companion, her dad. She has modeled for companies like Hottopic and HerUniverse and has worked with various products from Doritos to Barnes and Noble. Aside from modeling and cosplay, Lexi is also an actress, writer, and teacher.  According to Lexi, Cosplaying is an outlet for creativity and a platform for fun and kindness. Her goal is to show that no matter how many times you fall, you need to always get up with a smile on your face (thanks, All Might).


Kanar is a moon elf ranger from a village where tradition is everything. When of age, Kanar's people receive marks that determine their permanent role within the village. Kanar wasn't happy with his mark, so he set off to change his fate.


LeRoyal is a twitch streamer, an actor, stuntman, entertainer, and a first time dnd player. He does some amazing cosplay and hosts the podcast ConArtists. He lives in LA with his wife and kids.


Mo is a tabaxi mastermind rogue who would rather be in her hammock. Mo worked hard all her life to learn sailing and swordsmanship. She was on a mission to be the next great adventuring captain of her village! But things didn't go as planned so now she's on a mission to not work again. What's the point?  


Kelsey is the co-creator, editor, and producer of Roll For It, this season she's trying her hand in front of the mic! She is a film editor in Los Angeles collaborating with the likes of Kaley Cuoco and Rashida Jones. She lives with her perfect pup Lucy and DM/BF Jake.

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Dungeon Master

Puts everybody else into horrible situations and watches them goof their way through it. Jake presents the party with a continuously adapting storyline that holds up (he hopes) even with the randomness of each episode's chosen monsters.


Outside of D&D, Jake is a film and television writer and filmmaker. He lives in Los Angeles and always seems to be working on something creative.